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Louisville's early economy first developed through the shipping and cargo industries. Its strategic location at the Falls of the Ohio, as well as its unique position in the central United States (within one day's road travel to 60% of the cities in the continental U.S.) make it an ideal location for the transfer of cargo along its route to other destinations.[80] The Louisville and Portland Canal and the Louisville and Nashville Railroad were important links in water and rail transportation. Louisville's importance to the shipping industry continues today with the presence of the Worldport global air-freight hub for UPS at Louisville International Airport. Louisville's location at the crossroads of three major Interstate highways (I-64, I-65 and I-71) also contributes to its modern-day strategic importance to the shipping and cargo industry. As of 2003, Louisville ranks as the 7th largest inland port in the United States.[81]

Recently, Louisville has emerged as a major center for the health care and medical sciences industries. Louisville has been central to advancements in heart and hand surgery as well as cancer treatment. Some of the earliest artificial heart transplants were conducted in Louisville. Louisville's thriving downtown medical research campus includes a new $88 million rehabilitation center, and a health sciences research and commercialization park that, in partnership with the University of Louisville, has lured nearly 70 top scientists and researchers. Louisville is also home to Humana, one of the nation's largest health insurance companies.

Louisville also prides itself in its large assortment of small, independent businesses and restaurants, some of which have become known for their ingenuity and creativity. In 1926 the Brown Hotel became the home of the Hot Brown "sandwich". A few blocks away, the Seelbach Hotel, which F. Scott Fitzgerald references in The Great Gatsby, is also famous for a secret back room where Al Capone would regularly meet with associates during the Prohibition era. The drink the Old Fashioned was invented in Louisville's Pendennis Club.

Several major motion pictures have also been filmed in or near Louisville, including The Insider, Goldfinger, Stripes, Lawn Dogs, Elizabethtown and Secretariat.

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Duane M. Lightfoot Sr.


It has been said that “the greatest achievements are those that benefit others,” “seeing is believing,” and “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” It is with great pride and appreciation that I have been blessed to continue to showcase the rich history and notable achievements of some of Louisville’s most accomplished citizens in the third edition of Who’s Who In Black LouisvilleTM. Success is a journey, not a destination.

It is my hope that the men and women featured in this publication will serve as a benchmark and an inspiration, providing goals and a sense of direction toward those goals for present and future generations. It is imperative that children be exposed to good role models who can guide them to develop their maximum potential in all aspects of their lives. Children naturally look to their surroundings for role models. If they cannot find a good role model, they will cling to bad ones.

To all the men and women featured in this publication, I thank you for sharing your stories and serving as a guide, especially for our children to inspire them to make the most out of their abilities. Since our last publication, we are saddened by the loss of three truly great role models: Rev. Louis Coleman Jr., known for his spiritual leadership and as an activist fighting for the rights of others; Chuck Olmstead, who for three decades came into our homes via television reporting the news and taking us minute-by-minute through some of the top stories in the city; and Greg Page, an athlete, boxer and former heavyweight champion of the world.

They were all winners and will always have a place in our hearts as they often showed us how much they loved the people and the city. This third edition of Who’s Who In Black LouisvilleTM is dedicated to them. To the sponsors and advertisers who made this publication a reality, I would like to express the sincere appreciation from the entire community. Thank you to the entire staff at Who’s Who Publishing for your continued support and dedication for producing another world-class product. To all of those not mentioned – but you know who you are – for your contributions, I thank you.

Finally, to our readers, whether you use this publication as a resource or simply as an enjoyable read, please remember our sponsors and advertisers. Let them know you saw their advertisement in the third edition of Who’s Who in Black LouisvilleTM. Support them so that they can support us as we continue to serve you.

Sincerely, Duane M. Lightfoot Sr. W





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