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The years have gone by so quickly that it is hard to believe this is the eighth edition of Who's Who In Black Cleveland. It has been a labor of love to serve as the associate publisher and bring to you the many accomplishments of the notable Blacks in our communities during this time. We began with a dedicated group excited to put out the first edition. Paula Morrison, Michael House, John Lenear and Michael Nelson made up the team. I thank them for their hard work. Now, this edition will be my last edition as associate publisher. I am especially grateful to Sunny Martin, who brought me on board, and the current Real Times Team headed by Hiram Jackson, Carter Womack, and Ernie Sullivan who have continued to produce successful publications.

It has been a special pleasure to showcase the many Black Americans who contribute daily to the life of Greater Cleveland and neighboring Akron. It is important to demonstrate the accomplishments and the breath of possibilities of Blacks who serve as an inspiration to our youth. This publication strives to spotlight and inform of the significant contributions to the development in a city that has historically set the pace for the nation. The spirit of Cleveland is one of survival and stability in the midst of adversity and an undeniable creativity that testifies to a city of promise.

A special thanks to our sponsors for their commitment to Who's Who and the dedicated writers and photographers whose contributions help make the book possible. Again, I urge you to not only to purchase a book but also encourage others to do the same. It is especially important that we share the contents of this book with our youth. Buy a book for a student to encourage them to pursue the many opportunities available to them and aspire to become a "who's who."

I look forward to serving you in some capacity again soon.

Constance Harper

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Rhonda Crowder

Associate Publisher, Who's Who In Black Cleveland
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E: whoswhoclevelandpublisher@gmail.com
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Cleveland News Net

The car of missing woman Michaela Diemer was found by the FBI in Cleveland on Tuesday. 
Grab your spoons and dig in, Seven Hills is preparing to hosts its annual Fall Fest, Chili Cook-Off and Craft Fair. 
The game of pinball is making a comeback, and more people in the Cleveland area are taking up the game, joining leagues and competing.
No child should have to battle cancer, which is why a Cleveland hospital was awarded a $250,000 grant to find a cure.
Police released surveillance video and audio from a 911 call after an armed robbery attempt left two suspects dead.
Free health screenings to be offered. Free breakfast and bingo for those who RSVP.
As the temperatures drop this fall, get ready for prices to go up on some of your favorite foods.
Community activist Henry Senyak estimates more than 1,000 street lights throughout Cleveland remain on all day.
It's about a foot-and-a-half long with dark gray mottled slimy skin and rows of teeth lining a circular mouth, something like a cross between an eel and your worst nightmare. 
A Cuyahoga County child rapist has been sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday.
Authorities still have not determined how Cory Barron fell down a trash chute at Progressive Field in July.
An Akron dad has been charged with inciting violence after he urged his son to fight with another boy.
The Ohio State Reformatory officially closed its doors in 1990 but remains a tourist attraction for the city, in large part because of tourism from fans of "The Shawshank Redemption."
John Matarese shows how easy it is to located missing money you may have.
Power of 5 Chief Meteorologist Mark Johnson says to expect mild and dry weather into the weekend.

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