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Who's Who In Black Atlanta

This fourteenth edition of Who's Who In Black Atlanta is a continuation of a dream to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of not only African Americans, but of the large Atlanta community, which appreciates and values all we do to make Atlanta a great city. Who's Who Publishing Company, now celebrating twenty-three years has made history throughout America with our publications that document, recognize and celebrate African-American achievements.

Our first book was published right here in Atlanta, yes we were founded here in peach city in the heart of the peach state. This edition is consistent with communicating great stories about men and women who came before us, worked hard and made scarifies so that we would be able to pass on greater opportunities for success to the next generation.

This fourteenth edition is dedicated to two of our team members who are no longer with us but who both worked tirelessly to make each edition of Who's Who In Black Atlanta the best they could be. Denise Gray, our photographer, was a remarkable woman who with her smiles and a heart of gold had an eye for capturing us on film. The faces of the people from Atlanta, who Denise captured and included in our books will always be a part of the history of Who's Who In Black Atlanta, and she will always be remembered for her many good works. Wayne K. Brown, a man who always had a kind word to say, was always willing to give of himself to others and to be a mentor not only to his sons but also to so many others. Wayne was a media man connecting the dots; connecting us to each other either in radio or print with Who's Who, not only in Atlanta but also in markets across the country. Wayne's legacy to the world and Who's Who Publishing is documented in each publication he helped produce.

Atlanta has a strong history of people working together, and supporting each other for the betterment of the entire community. Our community, like many others, endured the impact of a downturned economy and many of the other social ills that people face, but we continue to come together each day to improve the quality of life in Atlanta, Georgia. This edition is a celebration of the successes and opportunities of each person included in it. We celebrate you and your story!

As we commemorate the many historic events that have occurred in America for African-American from the board rooms to the White House with the reelection of President Barack Obama on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, I know that our ancestors who helped build America are very proud of how far their sons and daughters have come. I know they would also say to us that the work is not done and that we still have a long way to go to ensure true equality for all of God's people.

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Misha Helvey

Associate Publisher, Who's Who In Black Atlanta
P: (313) 268-9270


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